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Examining human tissue (samples) and body fluids followed by analysis of the obtained data has become a pivotal instrument in medical research to better understand the causes of diseases and to develop novel therapies.

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Particularly challenging are diseases of the brain, since the affected brain tissue and tissue in close proximity is impossible to examine during the patient´s life. To ensure medical progress, we established the Biobank to collect and store samples of human tissue and body fluids under standardised conditions. Biobank samples are residual material of biopsies taken post mortem in the process of clinical and autoptic diagnosis and will be used for medical research of neurological diseases.

If you wish more information and documents, please contact us.

We gladly provide interested physicians (generally neurologists and psychiatrists) with documents of the Biobank:

  • patient´s information form
  • declaration of consent
  • donor card
  • workflow overview

Please contact us to schedule an individual appointment to discuss the Biobank Project.


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