Principal investigator

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Principal investigator

Curriculum Vitae

University Education

1998 Doctoral Degree (M.D.), Institute of Anatomy, HU Berlin
1991 - 1998 Medical training at the Universities of Lübeck, Hamburg, Berlin and London, UK

Selected Awards, Grants or Scientific Achievements

2010 Spokesman of the SFB TRR 43 "The brain as a target of inflammatory processes"
2006 Siegenthaler-Habilitation Award, Universität Zürich, Switzerland
2003 Research Fellowship of the Leopoldina-Foundation
2003 Pfizer-Award for Neurosciences and Diseases of the Nervous System, Switzerland

Research Fields

i)  Main field: Impact of the immune System in neurodegenerative disorders
ii) Other fields: Immune-mediated mechanisms of tumor-spread in neurooncological diseases such as CNS lymphoma
iii) Current Research interest: Role of microglia in Alzheimer's disease 


Eileen Benke

Technical assistant

Jan Csupor

Technical assistant

Pascale Eede

Doctoral fellow

Claire Gehlhaar

Technical assistant

Alexander Haake

Technical assistant