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Principal investigator and Members

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Principal investigator


Professional Experience

since 2012 Associate Professor at the Department of Neuropathology Charité
2011 Appointment for a Professorship of Neuropathology and Neuroimmunology at the Department of Neuropathology, Charité (W2)
since 2008 Consultant and lecturer at the Department of Neuropathology, Charité
2008 Habilitation in Clinical Neuropathology
2006 Habilitation in Experimental Neurology
2005 Consultant (Oberarzt) and lecturer (Privat-Dozent) at the Department of Neuropathology, Cologne, Germany
2001 Residency at the Department of Neuropathology, Cologne, Germany
2000 - 2001 Residency in Psychiatry, University teaching hospital, Bonn, Germany
1996 - 2000 Residency in Neurology, University teaching hospital, Dortmund, Germany

University Education

2002 M.D. (magna cum laude), Department of Neurosurgery, Frankfurt
1993 - 1994, 1996 Medical school at the University Paris-Sud (Kremlin Bicêtre), France
1989 - 1996 Medical school at the University of Essen, Germany

Selected Awards, Grants or Scientific Achievements

2016 Member of the research committee of the ENMC (European neuromuscular Centre)

2014 Chair World Muscle Society

2011 Sarkoidosis Foundation Award

2007 Price for best grant application (University of Cologne)

Member of the editorial board of Neuropathology and applied Neurobiology

Associate editor Neuromuscular disorders

Research Fields

i) Main field: Molecular pathogenesis in inflammatory Myopathies
ii) Other fields: Inflammatory diseases of the CNS | pathogen-induced and autoimune