Research interest

The focus of our research is based on signaling pathways (Wnt-, Notch-, Hedgehog) in the pathogenesis of malignant embryonic and other cerebral, as well as extracerebral tumors.

These pathways regulate cell-to-cell interactions during embryogenesis and play an essential role in tumorigenesis.

On the basis of moleculargenetic methods as well as in vitro and in vivo studies we identified a pathological activation of these pathways in different cerebral and extracerebral tumors. For example we identified, that mutations of the oncogene β-catenin in malignant embryonic brain tumors (medulloblastomas) result in Wnt pathway activation due to over-expression of specific growth relating target genes. Wnt pathway activation identifies a subgroup of medulloblastomas, which are characterized through different genesis, genetic alterations and biological, as well as clinical behaviour.

We hope to provide a better understanding of the molecular realisation of over-activation of these signal pathways in tumorigenesis and to generate new approaches to molecular therapies.


PD Dr. Arend Koch

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